Where Words Go

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The uphill climb.

I regret to inform that lack of motivation and extreme business  have kept me from something I should have powered through but have yet to. I  miss you and shall fight on, so I may create children with the written word, waiting to blossom.

I wrote a bit about drama. It goes a little something like this.

In discussing drama, and how we get to it, will only open the gates to drama.

We try to be without it, but there it is, like the stench of a wet dog on a rainy day. It clings, it lies in wait. It is in the shows we watch, the music we listen to. It is in the way the cat looks at you, then that paper plate. Then the prick knocks it over and looks back up at you with those big, big eyes that say, ‘Yeah. I did that. What?’

The point is, it comes in levels, it can be miniscule, it can escalate quickly and whirlwind out of control. We all ride the storm, come out a little shaken and sober at the end of it, and seek out the next ride. Even if unwittingly.



Here’s a long shot

Sometimes, when an old online friend messages me and asks me how life has been, and expresses that they like the long updates, I wonder if they enjoy the weeks to months we do not talk. So that, when we do talk again, it’s like reading the next chapter of a slightly fucked up story with tidbits of kinky porn they had never known existed.


I’ve been behind, and I’m not all that bothered. I should be, but it’s been a heavy couple of weeks. I know I’ll pull myself back on the horse, but I’d like to sleep for a while first.

There are no words

I’m very very unmotivated lately. I’ve done a little bit of editing today, nothing special. I’m not feeling it today, but I have catching up to do.


I came to a bit of a revelation. I have chapter three. But I’m going to spend a good amount of time on it. Lots of explaining to do.

Still going

I might be working on this section for a while. I’m having some trouble figuring out how to write up the scenery.


Hope strikes the heart like love,

Complex and complicated,

And never sure footed.

It burns bold and bright,

Profound and unhinged.

It is a rocky plight, not always yielding,

And devastatingly one sided.


Dreamers rarely fulfill dreams,

Easily jealous of the lucky ones.

We yearn, we struggle,

We fall, however, we still fight.


Hope becomes the enemy

When failure overwhelms,

Yet remains prevalent and bold,

For what else is there to hold onto?

Missing pieces

I found a spot that has a chunk missing. So I’m going to work on that and blend it into the rest of the story.

Commence more editing

Pretty simple today, basic editing, getting rid of some of the grammatical errors through the main draft I’ve got. Not that it’s long enough to be draft worthy. But I’m okay with that.