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How to Not be With an Asshole

Years are lost to the tragic past of broken relationships I let be,

Where now I look back and question myself on how I let them treat me.

I’m not the same.

Confident, now, after a long time reflecting, my self worth means something.

Where before I felt I deserved the pain that came from selfish deception.

I tell myself, never again, especially as I look back at my painted pain in past writing.

I wonder at the now, beauty in my life, and how he shows me I’m worth something.

I’m lovable, kind, empathetic, and love fiercely.

My emotions run wild, they can carry me away, I feel intensely.

He can handle it, he can see me, and he can accept me.

I know better now, and can appreciate my experienced pain,

As it’s taught me how to live with me.

And how to not be with an asshole.

How not to let them try to change who I am.

How to let myself be loved for who I am,

And love, in return, someone that fits me.

Spirit Fingers

Spirit fingers, spirit fingers,

Find another heart to bleed.

I housed my own within the chest,

Of a sailor lost to sea.


Wherein thy lie, I hear your cry,

And hide beneath the sheets.

Of all the homes I’ve loved the most,

This is not the one for me.


My visage broken, turned to dust,

I weep for those who bleed.

Spirit fingers, spirit fingers,

return my heart to me.

Kick Me While I’m Down

Traffic blurs beneath fat tears,

Wind whistles through cropped hair.

Memories devour, reminding me why I’m up here.

The pain never came from your fists,

Merely from your words, meant to prick

My heart until it bled into the rest of me.

You like to remind me of how much of a failure I am.

I disappoint you, and not without effort on my part

To do everything possible not to disappoint.

It’s never good enough.

I’ll never be good enough.

Not for you or anyone, and you like to make that clear as crystal.

The leap is terrifying, but not as terrifying as the thought

Of coming home to words I don’t have the strength to hear.


Hope strikes the heart like love,

Complex and complicated,

And never sure footed.

It burns bold and bright,

Profound and unhinged.

It is a rocky plight, not always yielding,

And devastatingly one sided.


Dreamers rarely fulfill dreams,

Easily jealous of the lucky ones.

We yearn, we struggle,

We fall, however, we still fight.


Hope becomes the enemy

When failure overwhelms,

Yet remains prevalent and bold,

For what else is there to hold onto?

Ask me

There’s this ache, deep inside,

Where I hold all my ties to you.

I can’t lie, I can’t fight, I can only hold on to you.


It takes all my strength, but I’ll belong to you.

If you ask me to.


When you laugh, I soar

When you cry, I crumble.

I’m a wreck but I’m sure,

What I would do for you.


I will wait, I will hurt and I will hate for you.

I won’t lie, but I’ll keep it all in, for you.


It’s too much, how I feel, but I’d feel it all for you.

Just ask me to.


It doesn’t have to be me you choose.

Even though I Want you to.


Sometimes I don’t know what

You have in store for me.


My bureau is decorated with

With medicine bottle trophies,

Each a shout out to that which it conquers.


You ache in my shoulders and neck,

In temples, and sometimes you burden

One eye with pain.

Are you a sinus headache?

Or the crippling migraine?

My sight is a little fuzzy, perhaps an aura?

Woe, the bearer of pain,

You torment and tease,

If I do not take the right pill, you will

Never go away.

For Tomorrow

It is something whole, yet missing pieces,

Corrupted in a deliberate, unnecessary progression.

Where time does not always make things better,

But simply numbs the pain enough for us to move on.

Stuck, yet ever moving, to trudge through life like it

Were thick as syrup and bitter as dirt.


Here we lie, intertwined and compatible,

Yet incomplete, hiding from one another

With bodies barred, nude and shining with

Exertion that only gives temporary satisfaction.

And here I lie, wide awake and ever alone,

Though surrounded by those who love me,

Still it will never be enough.


And in time, as progress pulls me forward,

I must not let the weight of my emotions

Keep me back, far away, and unyielding to



Chords, words,

Tones, moans,

Highs and lows,



Warm, glassy,

Riff, Progression,

Harmony and discord,



Deep frequency

Polyphonic, monophonic

Contrapuntal, linear individuality



Groove, Rhythmic,

Resonating , pulse

Divided quarter notes,

Diatonic and chromatic,


The Sea in a Bathroom

A sea full of livery

In brightly covered gradations,

Cue blank faces, frozen, yet  they swim.

A yellow and blue striped submarine

Peeks in on those that do not see,

A daring shark cuts through the unsuspecting,

Tiny fish meant for the picking.

Those larger flaunt their lively colors,

Heedless of any others.

The whales spout while the snails stick,

And baby sea horses trail

Their elders, hoping for movement to take

Them elsewhere.

Amidst the ground are star shaped creatures,

Of which movement gravity cannot defy.

A peeking oyster guards its wealth,

While a threatening presence

Bares claws and skitters close.

Amidst them all, the King, boasting eight thick legs

And one pointed eye. The other?

Conveniently replaced with an eye patch.

Dare not taunt the Octopi.

Lively as it seems to be,

A shower curtain is all I see.