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Month: January, 2013

Writing some more

I thought about something for my writing for this week, but I don’t think I’ll be writing it. It’s a little deep, and while I think I could pull it off, I may have to put more thought into it.

Anyway, more writing on the novel today. I’ll call it filler, stuff that I’ll have to find a place for later.


It’s easy to worry about things you’re going to send off into the world, because of the want for perfection.


I’m away from my home computer this week, so I can’t do any editing. I think that’s good in a way, since I can get some more tidbits of writing in.

So tonight was a writing day. I added a bit to something I had planned on adding to. I’m afraid it’s a little too jumbled and confusing, but I’ll look over it later. When I find a spot to put it in.

Editing continues

This is such a mess! I really did need to work on this.

Side note, the Babel album by Mumford and Sons, mm. So good. So good to edit to.

Here come the edits

I haven’t been in much of a writing mood. I’ll blame the lack of sleep. Too bad that doesn’t’ help the creative process.

Today I went through some of my writing, fixed a bit up, and made some more bookmarks for myself to help me know what’s what so when I’m ready to piece it all together, I can find the pieces easier.

It’s a little dull, some parts make me cringe. But that’s why we have the editing process.


Chords, words,

Tones, moans,

Highs and lows,



Warm, glassy,

Riff, Progression,

Harmony and discord,



Deep frequency

Polyphonic, monophonic

Contrapuntal, linear individuality



Groove, Rhythmic,

Resonating , pulse

Divided quarter notes,

Diatonic and chromatic,


Content content content

There’s a section I forgot I needed to write.

So I worked on that a bit today. It’s a good way to add content into the novel, I’m not sure if it’s needed. But I want it.

That should be good enough.

A writing day

I still don’t write as much as I should, but it’s better than nothing at all. What I’m working on is making me think very heavily on the descriptions of the world I’m making.

I like the thought provoking-ness.

The Sea in a Bathroom

A sea full of livery

In brightly covered gradations,

Cue blank faces, frozen, yet  they swim.

A yellow and blue striped submarine

Peeks in on those that do not see,

A daring shark cuts through the unsuspecting,

Tiny fish meant for the picking.

Those larger flaunt their lively colors,

Heedless of any others.

The whales spout while the snails stick,

And baby sea horses trail

Their elders, hoping for movement to take

Them elsewhere.

Amidst the ground are star shaped creatures,

Of which movement gravity cannot defy.

A peeking oyster guards its wealth,

While a threatening presence

Bares claws and skitters close.

Amidst them all, the King, boasting eight thick legs

And one pointed eye. The other?

Conveniently replaced with an eye patch.

Dare not taunt the Octopi.

Lively as it seems to be,

A shower curtain is all I see.

I don’t do things in order

It’s not easy, making a list and following it specifically just doesn’t work. Because the ideas come when they come, and things need to come as the ideas come, or those ideas will whittle into nothing.

I’ve been out of work sick all week, so I really should have done more than I have been, but I’ve been so tired and dizzy it’s been hard to wrap my head around writing and picking at these tasks. It’s a little daunting at times, as well, knowing all the things I have to do. It makes me get ahead of myself, and ten not do anything because there’s so much I don’t know where to start.

It’s in acknowledging that I don’t do things in order, that it’s okay for it to be a mess that I can move on. I can always fix the mess later. I need to let the creative out.

So here’s what I focused on today.

I wrote a little, not much, but I had some thoughts on a specific part that I wanted to get down, so I did that.

I looked through names, and made a list of names I like, that would fit with the book and some characters.